Sunday, April 10, 2011

the ART THIEVES 2nd record! out soonish on Siltbreeze!

the Art Thieves. What do you want to know? Who they are? I'll tell ya. Jackin' Pollacks, Plunder Picasso, Snatch Monet and Vincent Van Gone. Whadda ya think? Me too: Worthless!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Fuckin' Boneshakers "MCMXCV Masterbation Sessions" lp

 above is the artwerk for cover. note the layout in the template. if the glue don't stick and the jacket opens there are a few messages. below is the insert.
keep an eye out for the Fuckin' Boneshakers "MCMXCV Masturbation Sessions". original recordings from 1995 using one microphone live to tape in a basement in Deerfield,  IL (also home to the kdb legends Mentally Ill). "garage punk" band featuring members Piss, Sloth & Tina who after parting went on to various bands including: Functional Blackouts, Daily Void, Vee Dee, Brides, Okmoniks, Sneaky Pinks & Nobunny. a super group before they were super! 
due out on vinyl on Certified PR records summer 2011.
you can also get it for your digital mutations@

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


here's a blistering epitaph for the yet unborn. cradle to grave in 8 songs. digest before you take a shit. diarrhea.
what i mean is: KILLER.
get it here:                       

Thursday, December 16, 2010


                                       TARANTISMIO SUMMIT Vol#2 "Solitary Mutant Series #1"
front by me, Ilth
                                                            back cover by Jimbo Easter
 this is one side of the insert w/ continued liner notes by Brett Cross (Hozac, Victim Of Time).  drawing by Timmy Vulgar. I added some color via photo shop. 
other side of insert. painting by Mac Blackout

first 100 with this silk screened image

this comp is a four way split between Christopher Ilth, Timmy Vulgar, Mac Blackout and Jimbo Easter
  ILTH: Diamond Encrusted Vulchers by christopherilth  
  ILTH: Death Hippies on Parade by christopherilth


no more DV after 4 years. looks like.......................................................................................World War 4?